The House of Machines

The House of Machines (THoM) has a simple and bold credo – to create the environment where man and machine co-exist. Neither one shall cancel the other out but rather co-exist as a single minded, accessible environment, a tribute to our forefathers giving life to an engine strapped to a two wheeled frame. Through a unique curatorship, THoM has become the quintessential fine purveyor of all things cool, thunderous and fast. The four walls house a selection of the finest items – objects that resonate inside us all, regardless of our beginnings. The focus is coffee, food, crafted apparel, small distillery spirits & craft beers, hand built motorcycles and a veritable cornucopia of those sneaky little ‘must haves’. The team has the scoured globe, sourcing from like-minded craftsmen from around the world, producers that value quality and longevity over profits.

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