The Sneaky Sausage

Born out of a passion for quality ingredients and no-mess, no-fuss service, encouraging punters to gather in large groups, raise a glass and celebrate the art of the grill, The Sneaky Sausage takes its cues from the plethora of communal beerhalls from Berlin to Brooklyn. Cheeky, playful and full of great times, ‘The Sneaky’ is rooted in quality ingredients and an integrating of product that harks back to ‘old world’ values of European street food, but keeps a frisky eye on today’s engagingly conscious consumer. All natural, sustainable and locally sourced meats and vegetables, with homemade sauces and a range of premium, naturally produced wines and German craft beers, it’s the perfect recipe for a great night out. Just add a few mates and a generous sprinkle of laughter!

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