This hidden speakeasy tucked discretely above a historic warehouse on Cape Town’s Shortmarket Street is an African first, a temple dedicated to the ‘art of cocktail’, a world-class, constrained ceremony celebrating flavour and ingredients over hype and theatrics. An entirely experimental and original take on the traditional cocktail bar, challenging imbibers to drink outside of their comfort zones and in turn created a capsule of bespoke concoctions. Tapping into locally foraged and seasonal ingredients, Outrage of Modesty (OoM) prides itself on breaking down preconceived ideas about how a cocktail is structured, and resetting the rules for pairing and blending taste profiles. The result is a veritable cornucopia of taste and layers of flavours woven into a seasonal menu that changes on a quarterly basis. Hours of preparation go into each and every session in this intimate 24-seater venue, using a combination of in-house fermentation, blending and freshly primed elements.


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